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Mr. Lewis Smith-Connell

Project Manager, Zero Suicide Alliance

Lewis has worked within the health sector for over 10 years focussing on mental health and wellbeing promotion, with a particular focus on the social element of the Bio-Psycho-Social model of psychiatric care. Before joining the Zero Suicide Alliance Lewis worked in a leading role within an Asset Based Community Development and Social Inclusion service. He also set up and ran the Lancashire Recovery College, a county wide model of recovery learning, available for any member of the public, as an upstream health and wellbeing promotion approach. As well as this Lewis has led a public health behaviour change service covering the county of Lancashire.

Since joining the ZSA Lewis has spearheaded the development of technology and business engagement for the Alliance, working with experts in IT development and Communications and Marketing to achieve a new model of membership of the Alliance, with specific focus on engaging and facilitating change within the healthcare sector, a both as a heightened risk group for suicide incidence but also one which offers care to those at risk daily.


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