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Our products make it easy for people to eat better and live healthier lives without recklessly taxing the planet’s resources.

Oatley is proud to produce a range of tasty, healthy, and sustainable oat-based products.  The range includes Oat Drink, Creamy Oat, Creamy Oat Spread, Creamy Oat Fraiche, Oatgurt, Whippable Vanilla Custard and Ice cream.

All Oatly products are 100% plant-based and totally diary and soya free.

Oatly drinks will found at all refreshment points.



Interested in Exhibiting?

Exhibiting or speaking at a Nursing in Practice event offers you the rare chance to engage with this audience of primary care and community nurses.

With demands on clinical time ever increasing, the challenge of a face to face meeting with this audience is always growing. Nursing in Practice meets this challenge and offers your business the unique opportunity to generate new leads and new contacts. We provide the environment for you to start direct conversations with this highly influential audience and put your product or service front of mind.

When you work with Nursing in Practice, you gain a direct connection to a highly-engaged community of nurses from across the UK. We are their trusted source of information and inspiration, and we pass on to you all the advantages of this well-established relationship.

For further information please email or call 020 721 40573