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Agenda 2021

We are currently working on the programme for Nursing in Practice virtual festival – spring 2021, and will release details shortly.

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Contraception: a practical approach

  • Be able to teach the new ways of using combined hormonal methods
  • Be able to describe LARCs in “just a minute”
  • Know how to bridge with a progestogen only pill
  • Understand why the insertion site for the contraceptive implant has changed
Dr Kathryn M Clement, Consultant in Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare, Newcastle Sexual Health Services, The Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Addressing influenza vaccine effectiveness: cell-based influenza vaccine technology as an option

Pauline MacDonald, Independent Consultant Nurse, Infection Matters Ltd
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Cervical Screening

  •  Learn some basic facts about cervical cancer and the link with human papilloma virus
  • Understand the basics of the cervical screening programme
  • Know who should have smears more often than in the standard programme and how to ensure that this happens
  • Be aware of the issues that can arise when arranging screening for trans men
Dr. Toni Hazell, GP and freelance medical writer, Somerset Gardens Family Healthcare Centre, Tottenham, London @tonihazellgp

Digital Health

Emma Selby, Clinical Nurse Consultant, Digital Mentality @emmyselby

Helping patients keep dressings dry in the shower or bath – A podiatrist’s thoughts on the LimbO waterproof protector.

Thomas Delpierre, Podiatrist, Private Practitioner and NHS Solent Healthcare
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Let’s Talk Menopause

  • Diagnosis of perimenopause and menopause.
  • Managing short-term menopausal symptoms.
  • Long-term benefits and risks of HRT.
Ruth Devlin, Nurse, Let's Talk Menopause @menopause_talk

Embracing supported self care for venous leg ulcer management


Dr Leanne Atkin, Lecturer Practitioner, Division of Podiatry and Clinical Sciences, University of Huddersfield and Vascular Nurse Consultant, Mid Yorks NHS Trust @Leannejane1975
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Inhalers: The Essential Knowledge for Clinical Practice


Dr Omar Usmani, Reader in Respiratory Medicine and Consultant Physician, National Heart and Lung Institute (NHLI), Imperial College London & Royal Brompton Hospital (RBH)
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Type 2 Diabetes: What’s new?

  • Exploring type 2 diabetes remission, what is the evidence?
  • How can this be implemented in primary care?
  • COVID 19- Supporting those people with type 2 diabetes at high risk
Julie Brake, Diabetes Nurse Consultant, Liverpool University Foundation Hospital NHS Trust @Julie A Brake

Me and my domestic abuse journey; a Harrowing but inspiring story

  •  You will hear Rachel’s personal journey.
  • Leave with more knowledge around domestic abuse and hopefully how to help and advise someone who maybe experiencing domestic abuse
  • Understand more about the barriers that victims of abuse face.
Rachel Williams, IDVA, advocate, campaigner, survivor of domestic abuse, Ambassador for The Freedom Programme, Pioneer for Safelives Patron for SEEdS Wales @dontlookback198

Improving mental health by identifying and treating people with gambling problems

  • Gambling harms
  • The treatment available for gambling disorder
  • How to refer for treatment
Helen Garratt, Director of Clinical Services, GamCare
Paul Butler, Mental Health Nurse, LYPFT
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Supporting smokers who want to quit

  • The best ways to help smokers quit
  • The role of vaping in smoking cessation
  • Smoking and Covid-19
Dr Roger Henderson, GP and health broadcaster

10 ways to reduce cancer risk

  • Learn how lifestyle affects cancer risk
  • Receive useful and practical tips for cancer prevention, based on the latest scientific evidence
  • Access free cancer prevention and survivorship resources
Rachel Clark, Health Promotion Manager, World Cancer Research Fund
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Vital nutrition for busy days 

  • Quick and easy lunchbox ideas to help maintain and sustain your energy levels
  • Simple shortcuts to keep you well nourished when life gets busy  
  • Batch cooking, menu planning and freezer food 
  • Store cupboard essentials for a healthy shopping list 
Jane McClenaghan, Nutritional Therapist, Vital Nutrition @vitalnutrition

Osteoporosis:  Cause and Effect of the Forgotten Long-Term Condition

  • Osteoporosis: explaining its Incidence and Impact
  • Incorporating National clinical guidelines within service design & functionality
  • The 5iQ model: cross-boundary working practices to support & enhancing care
Donna Rowe, Clinical nurse specialist: Osteoporosis / fracture liaison, Imperial college healthcare NHS trust, London

Motivational interviewing: An introduction and Overview

  • Know what Motivational Interviewing is – and what it isn’t!
  • Be familiar with its spirit, style, principles and processes
  • Understand how it enables delivery of person-centred care, shared decision making and health coaching
Tim Anstiss, Founder: Academy for Health Coaching, Academy for Health Coaching Lecturer: Henley Business School @timanstiss

Assessing and managing older people living with frailty

  • Understanding and identifying frailty.
  • Assessing and managing frailty.
  • Delaying or preventing frailty progression.
Dr Deborah Coleman, Lecturer (Education), Queen's University, Belfast

End of life care

  • What learnings are there for nursing staff as we prepare for the Autumn’s combination of localised outbreaks, flu and potential increased mortality rates?
  • What lessons can we learn from patients, carers and families?
  • How can we navigate through the changing clinical guidance and build up resilience to help prepare for months ahead?
Lynda Finney, North West Region and Liverpool Hospice (interim) Manager, Marie Curie

Allergic Rhinitis

  • Allergic rhinitis and its impact
  • The scale of the problem
  • Principles of treatment
Dr Roger Henderson, GP and health broadcaster

Supporting people with dementia and their family carers

  • The importance of recognising the symptoms of dementia and supporting access to a timely investigations and diagnosis
  • The impact of dementia and managing co morbid conditions
  • Support and education for people with dementia, their families and the health and social care workforce
Zena Aldridge, Admiral Nurse Research Fellow, PhD student and Dementia Nurse Consultant, Dementia UK, De Montfort University, Norfolk and Waveney CCG @ZenaAldridge1

Vulval itch

  • The questions to ask
  • Common and not so common causes
  • Examination of the vulva : what’s normal and what’s not.
Dr Lorna Patterson, GPwER in general dermatology and skin lesion management, Cathcart Street Practice, Ayr and University Hospital Ayr. Committee member Primary Care Dermatology Society

Understanding suicide as a complex health issue

  • Understanding healthcare links to suicide for patients and staff
  • The skills and tools needed to address risk and crisis
  • Outside of hospital factors and opportunities needed to address suicide risk
  • The role of the ZSA in facilitating the sector and our offer
Mr. Lewis Smith-Connell, Project Manager, Zero Suicide Alliance
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Mental Health Services during Covid-19: Challenges, innovations and adaptations

  • Discuss the biggest challenges met by staff during the pandemic
  • Discuss innovations and adaptions taken by staff/trusts
  • Provide recommendations regarding how to maintain a positive mental health
Emmeline Lagunes-Cordoba, Specialty doctor, Camden & Islington NHS Foundation Trust @EmmelineLagunes

Gambling treatment for specific groups

  • Who experiences gambling harms?
  • Identifying a hidden addiction
  • Treating the whole person
Becky Harris, Service Manager, Problem Gambling Clinic, Central & North West London NHS Foundation Trust
Jack Rutter, Senior Mental Health Nurse, NHS Northern Gambling Service
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Generalised Anxiety Disorder

  • What is GAD and how is it diagnosed?
  • Managing GAD in primary care
  • Self-help tips
Dr Roger Henderson, GP and health broadcaster

Creating your Career at Priory

Colin Quick, Group Deputy Director of Nursing, Priory Group
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Stop stressing your patients out!

  • Examine how autistic individuals experience their environments, including discussion around hypo and hyper-stimulation
  • Discuss how autistic people may experience healthcare environments (both clinical, and community-based) and how these may increase anxiety
  • Gain insight into how environments affect autistic people, what simple adjustments can be made and knowledge of best practice
Debbie Austin, Specialist Autism Trainer, Autism East Midlands

How Collaborative Care can Lead to “Recovery” from an Eating Disorder – A Carer’s Perspective.

  • Veronica’s personal account of caring for her two daughters with an eating disorder
  • Her co-dependent relationship with her eldest daughter
  • Tips for supporting carers
Veronica Kamerling, Proprietor of Eating Disorders & Carers @carers4edc

Can Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) skills improve self-management in COPD?

  • Briefly look at the burden of respiratory disease (physical & psychological)
  • Evidence for self-management in COPD
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy, latest research
Dr Karen Marshall, Nurse Consultant, Newcastle upon Tyne NHS Trust @KarenMarshall02

A critical introduction to ‘borderline personality disorder’ (BPD)

  • Experiences and symptoms associated with ‘BPD’
  • Diagnosis or diagnonsense?
  • How healthcare helps, and how it harms
Dan Warrender, Lecturer in Mental Health Nursing / Mentalization Based Therapist, Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen / NHS Grampian @Dan_Warrender

Managing STIs in primary care

  • General trends in STI diagnosis
  • Management of chlamydia and gonorrhoea
  • Update on Mycoplasma genitalium
  • Syphilis
  • Primary care aspects of HIV
Dr. Toni Hazell, GP and freelance medical writer, Somerset Gardens Family Healthcare Centre, Tottenham, London @tonihazellgp

Inhaler device optimisation: right device to fit the right patient

Darush Attar-Zadeh, Respiratory Lead Pharmacist, North Central London CCG (Barnet Borough) PCRS Executive Committee @darushattar
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Why effective exudate management is so important

  • What is exudate
  • Consequence of excess exudate
  • Assessing wound exudate
  • Managing exudate
Bronwen Lafferty, Clinical Strategy Manager, ConvaTec
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lunch’n’learn with toolkits for healthcare professionals

  • The shapes toolkit is a development framework which uses 7 resilience, coaching and productivity tools – the ‘shapes’, to help people to become more resilient, work better together, prioritise their time, empower their teams to solve their own problems and to take more control over those things that they can.
  • We will focus on a couple of these shapes to recognise when you are heading towards stressful situations and better prioritise your time and workload
Sheela Hobden, Coach, bluegreen Coaching

Insomnia and its Treatments

  • An overview on insomnia
  • Lifestyle tips to prevent it
  • Drug and non-drug treatments
Dr Roger Henderson, GP and health broadcaster

Hypertension – what is it, why does it matter and how to diagnose and treat

  • Aetiology of hypertension
  • Impact of hypertension
  • Diagnosis and management
  • What do patients worry about and what can we recommended
Michaela Nuttall, Head of CVD Prevention, Public Health England. Director, Smart Health Solutions @thisismichaela

Living Well with Asthma

Jane Scullion, Respiratory Nurse Consultant @janescullion
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The importance of selecting effective dressing combination

  • Science and clinical benefits of Hydrofiber® Technology
  • Supporting positive clinical patient outcomes
  • Combining wound dressings for effective outcomes
Lisa Turley, Clinical Strategy Manager, Advanced Wound Care, ConvaTec
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Treating Lipids in the Community

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Understanding Parkinson’s

  • Parkinson’s “What we know”.
  • Managing the condition at all stages.
  • Parkinson’s UK offering support.
Nuala Campbell, Education Advisor in Northern Ireland, Parkinson's UK

Core Capabilities Framework for Advanced Clinical Practice (Nurses) Working in General Practice / Primary Care in England

  • National Advanced Practice update​
  • Advanced practice educational pathway for primary care
  • Discussion around the framework
  • Forthcoming Primary Care Nursing Career & Capabilities Framework. ​
Julia Taylor, Advanced Nurse/GP Trainer GP Training Programme Director Clinical Advisor HEE Primary Care Team Primary Care Clinical Lead, Derbyshire ACP Strategy Group Health Education Derbyshire Associate, Lister House Surgery, Derby Health Education England Working Across the East Midlands Julia@03896841


  • Guided design of your individual vehicle for well-being
  • Explore evidence based content on the impact of resilience on your well-being
  • Take the opportunity to reflect, discuss and evaluate which parts need attention
Sheela Hobden, Coach, bluegreen Coaching

Retirement.  Should I stay or should I go?

  • What’s stopping you? Unblocking the barriers
  • Some serious practical and financial considerations
  • Healthy and happy alternatives to retirement
Marilyn Eveleigh, Independent Nurse Consultant and Advisory Board Member, Nursing in Practice

Freedom to Speak Up

Dr Henrietta Hughes OBE FRCGP, National Guardian for the NHS, National Guardian Office @NatGuardianFTSU

Needing permission: the experience of self-care and self-compassion in nursing

  • Caring for ourselves, alongside our patients.
  • Managing the emotions of caring.
  • Barriers and facilitators for engaging in self-care.
Dr Hannah Andrews, Assistant Professor in Nursing / Pastoral Care Lead, Coventry University @Hannah_cares

Emotional Intelligence

  • Why is emotional intelligence important to nursing practice?
  • The ten components of emotional intelligence and leadership
  • The link between emotional awareness, compassion and high-quality Nursing
Dr Neslyn Watson-Druée, CBE, Beacon Organisational Development @BeaconOD

Addressing the burden of influenza in older adults in the UK

Pauline MacDonald, Independent Consultant Nurse, Infection Matters Ltd
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Understanding the big picture – Are we prescribing in a sustainable way?

Carol Stonham, Senior Respiratory Nurse Practitioner, Gloucester CCG, Chair Elect, Executive Committee, Primary Care Respiratory Society @stonny999
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Wound Hygiene, four simple steps to progress hard to heal wounds

  • Introduce the concept of Wound Hygiene
  • Understand the link between Biofilm and hard to heal wounds
  • Learn about the four simple steps of wound Hygiene – Cleanse, Debride, Refashion and Dress
Lisa Wood, R.N dip, BSc, Clinical Strategy Manager, AWC ConvaTec
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#Act On Asthma – Addressing Patient Needs In The Era Of COVID-19

  • Insights into which asthma patients to prioritise
  • Practical advice on how to optimise treatment in the current situation and beyond
Darush Attar-Zadeh, Respiratory Lead Pharmacist, North Central London CCG (Barnet Borough) PCRS Executive Committee @darushattar
Carol Stonham, Senior Respiratory Nurse Practitioner, Gloucester CCG, Chair Elect, Executive Committee, Primary Care Respiratory Society @stonny999
Jane Scullion, Respiratory Nurse Consultant @janescullion
Dr Omar Usmani, Reader in Respiratory Medicine and Consultant Physician, National Heart and Lung Institute (NHLI), Imperial College London & Royal Brompton Hospital (RBH)
Dr Mike Smith, General Practitioner, Hertfordshire @drmdsmith
Dr Steve Holmes, General Practitioner, The Park Medical Practice, Shepton Mallet, PCRS Education Lead, Somerset CCG Respiratory Programme Lead
Dr Richard Iles, Consultant in Respiratory Paediatrics, Evelina London Children’s Hospital
Dr Dermot Ryan, General Practitioner
Dr Will Carroll, Clinical and Academic Lead in Paediatric Respiratory Medicine, University Hospitals of the North Midlands
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Promoting psychological wellbeing during times of adversity: Can we learn anything from the military?

  • Explain a psychological reaction to a traumatic event​
  • Describe how the military support their workforce​
  • Summarise some of the recent recommendations for supporting healthcare workers​
  • Consider the similarities between the military and civilian approaches​
Dr Dean Whybrow BSc(Hons) PGCE PGDip MSc PhD FHEA RNMH TCH, Lecturer in Mental Health Nursing, Cardiff University @deanwhybrow


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